Brenna Murphy


BFA, Pacific Northwest College of Art, 2009


Domain~Lattice, Pleasure Editions, 2015

Centrl~Lattice Sequence, Onestar Press, 2014

Skyface~SensrMap, Floating World Comics, 2012


RACC Art & Technology Innovation Award recipient, 2015

RACC Project Grant Recipient, 2015

Oregon Arts Fellowship Recipient, 2015

Rhizome Commission Recipient, 2012-2013



Parameter Chant,” with Kareem Lotfy, Future Gallery, Berlin.


“Central~Lattice Tool Array,” Upfor, Portland, OR.

“sentient~sequence,” Sorbus Galleria, Helsinki.

“skyface~terrace domain,” American Medium, NYC.

“cavnrcode,” New Museum of Contemporary Art, First Look online exhibition series, NYC.


exosensr,” American Medium, NYC.

Brenna Murphy,” Kunstverein Dusseldorf.

“Liquid Vehicle Transmitter,” Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco, CA.

“Lattice~Face Parameter Chant,” Upfor, Portland, OR.


“SkyFace~TxtrMappr,” screening and performance, Gene Siskel Film Center, SAIC, Chicago.

“inwardconch~upwardspiral”, Klaus von Nichtsaagend Gallery, NYC.

“~hieromesh~trance`scribr~~>”, Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan.

“~self~nesting~sensr~>”, The Future Gallery, Berlin.


“New Fashion Therapy”, in collaboration w/ Morgan Ritter, PNCA, Portland, OR.


“Mindfold”, Red White Yellow Gallery, Houston.


“Psychometry (III)” Right Window Gallery, ATA, San Francisco. Curated by DL Alvarez.

“Foldy Codes ;-)” BFA Gallery, PNCA. Portland, OR.



“Crystalized Skins,” curated by Robert Seidel, The Wrong Biennial.

“Friday Flash,” Denver Digerati, Denver, CO.

“New Vacation,” curated by Interstitial, Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA.

“All Watched Over,” curated by Tina Kukielski, James Cohan Gallery, NYC.

“On/Off: Virtual Art in Real Life,” Art Association of Jackson Hole, WY.

“Fast Forward,” Worksound International, Portland and Städelschule, Frankfurt.

“Les Oracles,” curated by Marisa Olson, XPO Gallery, Paris.

“Systematic Sampling,” Stream Gallery, Brooklyn.

“Witchcrafts,” curated by Nicolas Sassoon, Initial Gallery, Vancouver B.C.


“Like New Landscape,” Pablo’s Birthday, NYC.

“This is What Sculpture Looks Like,” Postmasters, NYC.

“Wallpapers,” New Forms Festival, Vancouver BC.

“The New Romantics,” Eyebeam, NYC.

“Bitrates,” Dar-ol-Hokoomeh Project at Shiraz Artist House, Shiraz, Iran.

“Tonight, You Can Call Me Trish,” RGKSKSRG, Dublin.


Decenter: An Exhibition on the Centenary of the 1913 Armory Show, Abrons Arts Center, NYC.

“Entering Space,” Kunsthalle m3, Berlin.

“Identitat,” Galerie Thomas Flor, Berlin.


“Surface Tension”, The Future Gallery, Berlin.

“Stereopsis”, Drawing Room, London.

"Is This Real?", PICA at Gaite Lyrique, Paris.

"Apocalyptic Shift: Flock House Benefit", Eyebeam, NYC.

"Female in March", Animal Social Club, Rome FesteArte, Rome.

"Big Reality", Curated by Brian Droitcour, 319 Scholes, Brooklyn.


“Face Time Continuum”, The Future Gallery, Berlin.

“Stone Sky Over Thing World”, Curated by Claudia Hart, Bitforms, New York, NY.

“The New Psychedelica”, Curated by Francesca Gavin, MU Eindhoven, Netherlands.

“Info-Bomb”, Festival Nrmal, Monterrey, Mexico.


“BYOB Portland”, Co-Organizer, New American Art Union, Portland, OR.

Sen-Oren “Trance”, Galleri Box. Gothenburg, Sweden.


"Rhizome's The Long Gallery" 7 x 7 Series. Why + Wherefore.

“Pyschometry (II)” Arratia Beer. Berlin, Germany.



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Art Collective of Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy, Portland, OR, 2011-present

Artists in residence at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, NYC, 2014

MSHR Solo Exhibitions

“MSHR,” Panther Modern, 2015.

“Resonant Hyper Symbol Modulator,” Upfor, Portland, 2015.

“Resonant Entity Modulator,” Time Based Arts Festival, Portland, 2014.

“Ceremonial Chamber,” Two Queens, Leicester, 2014.

“Ceremonial Chamber,” Cell Projects, London, 2014.

“Liquid Hand,” Upfor, Portland, OR, 2013.

“Ceremonial Chamber,” Kunstverein Dusseldorf, 2013.

“Nightscape Navigator,” Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco, 2013.

“Ocular Array,” Yoga Center, Gothenberg, 2013.

"Earthly Door," Appendix Project Space, 2012.

"New World", Le Dictateur, Milan, Oct 2011.

MSHR Group Exhibitions

“Megarave,” Kunsthaus Langenthal, 2014.

“EXIT,” Musee des Artes Creteil, Paris, 2014.

“Transmediale,” Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin, 2014.

“Binary Lore,” Three Walls, Chicago, 2013.

“Binary Lore”, PNCA, Portland, OR, 2012.

“Qualia Cerasite,” Eyeybeam, NY, 2012.

“Techne Rendered Dawn”, Disjecta, Portland,2012.

“These Peanuts are Bullets”, Family Business Gallery, NY, 2012.

"baumarktmusik," qujOchÖ, Linz, Austria, 2011.

“Frieze Art Fair”, Lucky PDF booth, London, 2011.

MSHR Press

“MSHR,” Marina Galperina, Animal NY, Jun 2014.

"Binary Lore," John Motley, Art Forum, Jan 2013.

"MSHR, Earthly Door," Daniel J Glendening, Justice League PDX, Oct 2012.

"MSHR 'bio-tech',” Maurizio Catelan, Muse Magazine, Milan, Dec 2011.

"New World," Paola Manfrin, Vogue Italia, Milan, Oct 2011.

Oregon Painting Society CV

Art Collective of Matt Carlson, Birch Cooper, Barbara Kinzle, Brenna Murphy, Jason Traeger,

Portland, OR, 2007-2012

Oregon Painting Society Solo Exhibitions


“Angelo’s Game”,

“Angelo’s Game”, Ditch Projects, Springfield, OR.

“now you C me, now you don’t/ joker N the deck”, AB Gallery, PSU, Portland, OR.


“OPS” Hedreen Gallery, Seattle University, WA.

“Nightwave Catalog” Nationale, Portland, OR.

“Cruis'n” Appendix Project Space, Portland, OR.

“ShadowGut” Manuel Izquierdo Gallery, PNCA, Portland, OR.


“Radiant Dream Face” Autzen Gallery, Portland State University, Portland, OR.

“Ancient Teenager” 48 Hr. Residency, Pancake Clubhouse, Portland, OR.


“Oregon Painting Society” Fontanelle Gallery, Portland, OR.

Oregon Painting Society Group Exhibitions

“Big Reality” 319 Scholes, NY, 2012.

“PWR” The Future Gallery, Berlin, 2011.

“No Soul For Sale” Tate Modern, London, 2010.

“HexenHouse” Portland 2010: Biennial of Contemporary Art, Disjecta, Portland, OR, 2010.

“Reed Arts Week” Reed College, Portland, 2010.

Oregon Painting Society Press

“Big Reality,” Ceci Moss, Art Forum, March 2012.

“Oregon Painting Society,” Cesare Alemanni, L'Uomo Vogue, December 2010.

“Mystical Esoterica: Oregon Painting Society at Nationale,” John Motley, The Oregonian, 2010.

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